The Best Summer Wedding Suits for Grooms

Weddings often happen in the summer because there are many fun things to do. You can have fresh and blooming flowers at your wedding, colorful reception decor, light reception bites, and creative signature cocktails. When you imagine a summer wedding, you think of people dressed in summer clothes, sitting under a shaded canopy, and sipping popsicles.

A summer wedding is a great way to be outside and dress while enjoying the best of what the season has in store comfortably. As with weddings of any season, the bride’s bridal outfit is often the focus of fashion attention. Still, a summer wedding offers the best chance for a groom to dress up a bit and look sharp as his partner on their wedding day.


The type of clothing a man wears to a casual summer wedding depends on where the wedding is taking place and the theme of the wedding. Choosing the perfect suit for a casual summer wedding can be tricky, but it is worth it to do some research first.

The type of clothing you choose for your wedding should reflect your personality, the location of the wedding, and the mood you want to create. For a more casual look, go with colorful and summery clothes. We have collected some ideas for wedding suits that will be perfect for a summer wedding. We also have a guide to help you choose the perfect attire for your groomsmen.

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Summer Suiting Ideas for Your Groom:

Light and Breezy Wedding Suits

Summer weddings demand grooms wear made from breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, that look good on their own without a tie or boutonniere. Black and navy blue groomsmen’s attire are traditional options. But they can be hot. Light-colored wedding suits in light pastel shades like powder blue, light pink, mint green, cream, gray, and beige are considered perfect ways to keep cool at your summer wedding.

Bold Colore Looks

Many modern grooms are choosing to wear brightly colored blazers for outdoor weddings. This look is perfect for summer weddings when you can show off your personality with bright colors that cross the line between formal and casual. You can wear brightly colored pants in shades of pink, orange, blue, or green with a light-colored shirt in white, cream, or beige.

You can choose colors that contrast or complementary colors in the same color family for your casual wedding attire. If the husband lacks the self-assurance to wear a suit in bright tropical colors, you might combine muted hues such as gray, sky blue, and lilac. These colors look good with a colorful pink accessory like a tie or boutonniere. It will keep any groom’s attire looking light and airy.

Wear a unique and colorful suit if you want to be stylish and confident at your summer wedding. Because bright colors are in style right now, it will also give you an idea of where groom fashion is going. A bold, solid-colored suit is also perfect for a formal summer wedding without looking too traditional.

Stone Colored Suits

Stone-colored suits are a popular choice for summer weddings. They are made from linen fabric, which makes them relaxed and comfortable to wear. Gray suits are also a good option for spring and summer weddings because they aren’t too flashy and are very classic. If you don’t want to wear a jacket, that is okay.

If you don’t want to wear a traditional groom jacket, you can choose to wear a waistcoat with trousers or rock braces, a shirt, and a bowtie. You can add suspenders and a bowtie to maintain a formal appearance, roll up your sleeves, and remove the tie for the ultimate reception attire. This look is perfect for laid-back themed outdoor and garden parties. You can also wear short sleeves if it’s not a castle or grand ballroom affair.

Tanned Suit

If you get married in the summer, it can get pretty hot. You can wear a tanned suit if you don’t want to wear a bright outfit. Summer accents, such as rolled-up sleeves and loosened ties, will make it appear excellent. The earthy and neutral tones can be ideal for a garden wedding on a mountainside, a coastal wedding in the summer, or even an engagement session in the fall.

Tan suits are a popular look for grooms. Neutral colors like tan look good with any color combination and are incredibly bright wedding colors. Tan suits are also a good choice for groomsmen’s attire because they will stand out from the other guests and provide great photo opportunities.

Floral and Chequered Wedding Suits

Patterned wedding suits, such as plaids and pinstripes, can make one appear less formal without appearing too casual. But wedding suits with Hawaiian prints or flowery and checkered prints will show your guests your groom’s personality. It is a good idea for a summer wedding. The suit will look trendy and romantic if you wear a coordinated waistcoat or a tie with a different pattern.

Several options can help tone down your outfit’s informal and cheeky look. You can choose a lightweight silk knitted tie or a patterned dress shirt to create subtle textural differences. It will make it look like you put more thought into your outfit.

She just said yes to the proposal, and you are excited about your upcoming wedding. Now it is time to find the most popular clothing for men that can inspire your look for the big day. People used to wear traditional dark-colored dresses, but now people can wear whatever they want. You can get inspired by trendy wedding details for men.

Although some people break the rules, many still like to stick to traditional wedding suit ideas. Some people wear a light blazer and trousers, or go without a jacket and wear a shirt with a waistcoat or braces.

If you are looking for a suit to wear to a summer wedding, you should keep a few things in mind. Choose something inspired by the 1960s or 1970s that will make you stand out at the wedding. Make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement so that you can enjoy the day.

Primitive Wedding Etiquette Regarding Groom Dressing:

Understand Your Wedding’s Theme

Your groom’s wedding dress should suit the occasion’s location, season, and atmosphere. Summer weddings require grooms wear composed of breathable materials, such as cotton and linen, that look good without a tie or boutonniere. He can wear a more casual outfit with poppy colors and chequered prints. If the wedding is in the evening, he can wear light or pastel-colored suit or tuxedo.

Consider the type of wedding you desire. If it is going to be a very traditional wedding, you should dress formally. If it is going to be more casual, choose clothing that is comfortable and fits the vibe of the wedding. Once you know what type of wedding it is, start thinking about what kind of clothes you want to wear. There are several options for styles, colors, and patterns. You can also choose between different types of fabrics like herringbone or plaid or navy blue or red.

Coordinate and Match With Your Partner

Coordinate with your partner if you are looking for the perfect attire for fall or your beach wedding. It is a chance to show off your unique style. You must reflect your personality on your wedding day.

People might be confused about what is going on if, for instance, you want to have a casual wedding and wear shorts and a T-shirt. At the same time, your partner opts for a stunning, vintage wedding dress with a cathedral train. Because you will look like you are newly married, there are some mistakes that you should avoid when choosing what to wear to your wedding. For instance, she should wear a tailored tan suit for a bohemian summer wedding to complement her rustic lace gown. Alternatively, she should wear a streamlined city-chic dress with a slim-cut gray suit for a black-tie event. Both of these outfits would look ideal and appropriate.

Matching With Your Groomsmen

Your groom and his friends should be able to take some great photos on your wedding day. In the past, groomsmen wore the same thing, but now couples are experimenting with different types of fashion.

Just like bridal attire is matched with bridesmaid dresses, your groomsmen’s outfits should match in style and feel with yours. It will help create group photos that look like they are from a fashion magazine. You can also aim to pair your groomsmen’s style with that of the bridesmaids. The possibilities for coordinating the wedding party outfits are endless.

The Fit Matters

To look sharp on your wedding day, dress according to your unique body type. Once you have selected your wedding suit, ensure the tailoring is done well so you feel comfortable and the suit looks good. There are three distinct suit fits: traditional, slim, and contemporary. Choosing a wedding suit according to your body type will help you feel and look confident.

There are different types of wedding suits that can help you look different. A double-breasted wedding suit will make you look bulky and broad. You can also try a fitted suit slightly tighter in the waist to give the impression of a leaner figure. The classic suit fit usually isn’t as tight and is more comfortable. It also allows more room for movement. Slim-fit wedding suits are considered to be trendier and are associated with European cuts. A modern fit is a mix between slim fit and classic fit, which can complement every body type.

Accessorize Your Groom Outfit

The groom’s accessories can either enhance or break his desired look. You and your groomsmen can create a look that is one of a kind by accessorizing it. Many other options are available, such as putting on an eye-catching boutonniere or donning a bow tie. You can also wear a vest, necktie, cummerbund, or cuff links.

Do you want to wear something more traditional or playful? For a summer wedding, you can add a splash of color or a fun pattern to your tie. You can also inject your unique personality into the groom’s outfit by adding a treble clef to your boutonniere or Star Wars–inspired cufflinks.

It is time to upgrade your wedding clothing when the weather is pleasant, and the sun is shining. Check out the latest groom styles and choose something that will make you look sharp and handsome on your wedding day. Everyone will look at you and your partner, so you’ll want to ensure you look your best.

There are many different types of contemporary wedding attire for grooms. You can find something that fits your style, whether you want a “boho,” “shabby,” “country,” or “hippy” style wedding. These ideas are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Choose from a range of casual groom attire ideas that are perfect for a sunny and blue sky wedding. These options include light materials like cotton, linen, or shantung silk. Coordinate your outfit with some of the most popular accessories for men, like bow ties, suspenders, and colored socks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Wedding Suits Groom

What Color Suit Should I Wear to a Summer Wedding?

If you’re going to a wedding in the spring or summer, you can wear a lighter suit, like blue or beige. Grey or brown are always good choices if the marriage is later in the year. If you prefer dark-colored suits, that’s okay too.

Can a Groom Wear a Suit to a Wedding?

For many weddings, it is appropriate for the groom to wear a suit or tuxedo. Some grooms want to look especially striking on their wedding day and choose to wear a tuxedo.

Should Groom Suit Match Groomsmen?

No rule says you must match the other guys perfectly when you are the groom. More and more grooms are choosing to stand out from the rest by wearing a suit that is different from the other guys. For example, you may want to wear a patterned suit, while your groomsmen wear plain suits.

Can You Wear a Suit to a Summer Wedding?

If you are getting married in a cool season, that is fine. But it will be too hot if you get married in the summer. That’s why you should wear an unstructured suit. This suit fits loosely against your body and allows air to flow, keeping you cool.

How Do You Pick a Suit for a Groom?

The darker the color of your suit, the more formal it is. If you are having a casual wedding, a light gray is perfect. However, no matter which color you choose, your suit will be able to be worn many times again. Gray suits are always in style for weddings.

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