The Best Wedding Planner Tool to Help You Organize Your Big Day

Today, many people use online tools to do different things. For example, people use online tools to book holidays, compare insurance, and manage finances. So why not use online tools when planning your wedding? There are many online tools available to help you with your wedding planning.

We’re happy to use modern technology to save time and make wedding planning easier. Many online tools can help couples plan their wedding. These tools include budget calculators, floor planners, and more.

Wedding Planner Tool

Google Drive

Say goodbye to big, heavy folders and binders. Google Drive is the perfect online tool for wedding file organization. You can access all your wedding-related files from any device using Google Drive. Plus, it’s cloud-based, so you can create new documents, upload photos and files on the go, and share folders with your partner and suppliers. Having all of your wedding files in one place will make life a lot easier!

Wedding Website Builder

Don’t want to answer many phone calls, emails, and text messages from guests? You can make a website for your wedding. You can put all of the information guests need to know on the website. This will help you communicate with them better and save time.


Pinterest can help you with your wedding. You can use it to find ideas for the wedding and plan it and things like wedding decorations and how to make a bouquet. You can also use it to find wedding venues and vendors in your area.

Budget Calculator

Making your wedding budget can be difficult because you need to figure out how to divide the money between each supplier. An online budget calculator can help you with this. You put in how much money you have for your wedding, and the calculator will give you a breakdown of how much money you should spend on each thing.

All Seated

Do you need help making a seating plan? An online tool like All Seated can be very helpful. This platform allows you to make a floor plan that scales and fits your venue and furniture. You can customize the dimensions to fit what you need.

Digital Wedding Planner

It can be easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when planning your wedding. There is a lot of planning involved.

Use a digital wedding planner to help you stay on track with your wedding tasks. This will help you stay organized and productive in the lead-up to your day. You can create your own custom to-do list, add deadlines for each task, and set automated reminders so you can easily see what needs to be done next.

You can use WedSites as a project management tool for your wedding. Start by inviting your partner, bridal party, and wedding planner to collaborate and delegate tasks.


Music is a vital component of a wedding. It can create the right atmosphere and make people happy. You can find music online to get your dance floor going.

Spotify is a music library that can help you create playlists for your wedding. You can make your own playlist with the songs you love or find pre-made playlists. If you have hired a DJ or entertainer, you can share your playlists with them to help them know what music to play.

If you need help finding the perfect songs for your wedding, we have a list of songs that will be perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Planner Tool

What Is Better, the Knot or Zola?

You can include registries from more places if you want. Zola lets you add other registries, but it can be more complicated. You can add a Zola registry to The Knot website if you want. They have social media integration that pulls in photos from hashtags or Facebook albums.

Is Zola Free to Use?

If you’re getting married, Zola Weddings can help make your wedding planning easier. Use their website, registry, checklist, guest list, seating chart, and gift tracker. Just sign up and create a wedding website where you can add photos and all of your wedding details.

Are 6 Months Long Enough to Plan a Wedding?

On average, engagements last around 13 months. However, we know that many couples want to get married much sooner than that. In fact, 19% of couples plan their weddings in 6 months or less. With our handy month-by-month timeline, couples can figure out exactly how to plan a wedding in 6 months.

Can I Plan a Wedding in 4 Months?

Although it will be difficult, it is possible to sell your home. The key is to focus on the important tasks and not worry about the extras that can cause stress.

What Is a Zoom Wedding?

A Zoom wedding is a wedding where you can see and talk to the people at the wedding. You do this by using a video platform on your computer.

How Much Does a Zoom Wedding Cost?

We fully have created a virtual wedding package for $200. This will provide wedding planning assistance, a virtual officiant, advice on obtaining a marriage license, and tech support. For $800, Wedfuly will run your Zoom wedding, coordinating “guests” on up to 1,000 devices.

How Much Is a Wedding Planner?

On average, wedding planners cost between $1,800 and $4,000. This cost can vary based on the required level of service. If you only need a little help, the cost will be lower. If you want more coordination and assistance, the price will be higher.

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