Wedding Dresses Accessories: The Complete Guide

Your wedding day is an occasion to honor your love. You can expect to have a great time with your friends and family, eat good food, and dance while surrounded by people who care about you. Make sure to choose decorations that represent you and your partner.

Your wedding gown is one of the most important things you will ever purchase. It will serve as the centerpiece of your wedding and one of the most anticipated views for your guests.

On the other hand, your accessories may not be the show’s star, but they can enhance or detract from your wedding gown. Wedding accessories can also add to your look and be the extra touch you need to make your wedding ensemble unique.

Choosing wedding accessories, like shoes, jewelry, and veils, can be challenging. But don’t worry! We have tips to help you choose the right accessories for your wedding dress.

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Choose Your Metal Colors Wisely

Belt Friends Forever

Should You Wear a Veil?

The Comfier the Better

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Sometimes, it is essential to remember the saying “less is more.” If your dress is well-adorned, a gown that features ruffles, beading, pearls, rhinestones, or other embellishments will look better with simple accessories.

If your wedding dress is already beautiful, you don’t need to wear many other accessories. You can wear something that looks good on you or goes with your dress.

If your dress has an interesting feature, like an open back, you don’t need to add many accessories. People will see that part of the dress. But if you want, you can wear pretty earrings or hair accessories.

Sometimes, a simple pair of earrings can make as much of a statement as a whole set of accessories. In some cases, they might even make more of a statement.

Choose Your Metal Colors Wisely

When choosing jewelry, it is essential to consider the color of your wedding dress. Some metals match colors well, while others clash.

When choosing accessories for your wedding dress, it is essential to remember that white dresses look best with platinum, white gold, or silver jewelry. Ivory dresses look great with gold jewelry. Gold jewelry will look beautiful if you wear nude or blush-colored clothing.

If your wedding dress has decorations, the color of the decorations will tell you what kind of metal jewelry to wear.

Belt Friends Forever

One way to add something special to your wedding gown is by choosing a sash or belt.

When you go to your bridal boutique appointment, ask to see some belts and sashes. These accessories come in many colors and designs. A belt can help create a waistline on your gown, giving you a more curvy look. Since your gown likely won’t come with a belt, this is an easy way to create a custom look for your gown.

When choosing a belt for your wedding, think about the style of your wedding and your style. A satin sash with crystals can add a touch of elegance to a simple gown, no matter the setting. A leather belt can give a modern edge to a more traditional wedding dress.

If you want to wear a belt with your wedding dress, try it on to see how it looks. A wider belt will look good on someone with a long torso. At the same time, a thinner belt is better for someone with a short torso. You might also want to try putting the belt on your empire waist if you have an apple shape.

Should You Wear a Veil?

Outside of a traditional wedding context, you can wear a veil. One of the most famous bridal decorations is the veil. They’ve come a long way since then. You can choose a cathedral-length veil for a formal wedding or an elbow-length, blusher, or fingertip veil for something less traditional. Birdcage veils look great in photos and are very appealing.

Your veil should be the same color as your wedding dress. It should also be a similar style. Remember that your veil should not overpower your wedding dress but rather enhance it. It is also essential to choose a veil that complements your body type.

Hair to be Different

If you don’t like to wear a veil, there are other great options. You can choose a hair comb with beads or seashells or go for a more ornate fascinator.

You’ll need loose, wavy hair if you want a boho or beachy wedding. You can put a flower crown on top to complete the look. If you don’t want a flower crown, try an updo with flowers woven through it.

If you want a delicate and feminine hairstyle for your wedding, you can choose a chignon with a beaded or jeweled motif. You could also choose a beautiful headband to top off your gown.

The Comfier the Better

When choosing wedding accessories, one of the most important things to consider is your shoes.

When choosing shoes to wear on your wedding day, pick something comfortable. You will be standing for a long time and might even have to walk a bit. So you don’t want to be in pain the whole time!

Consider heel height, material, and straps when trying on bridal shoes (or lack thereof). If you find a great pair of heels not practical for all-day wear, bring another more practical pair to wear later in the night or between photos or segments of the wedding.

You should try on your wedding shoes before the day of the wedding. It will help you to see how comfortable they are and whether you need to purchase different shoes.

Necklace or Not?

The neckline of your wedding gown will affect the type of necklace you wear on your wedding day.

Suppose you have a wedding gown with an interesting neckline or other detail. In that case, you usually don’t need to wear a necklace. For example, wearing a necklace can be distracting if you have a chic wedding gown with a high neck. However, if you have a simple but beautiful wedding gown, you can wear a statement necklace.

You can choose to put a unique gem on your necklace that is important to you, your future spouse, or someone else. It can be a pendant, statement necklace, or choker. Try it on with your wedding gown and see how it looks before deciding if you want to wear it at your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Dresses Accessories

Who Gives the Bride Something Blue?

A bride often gets something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue from her friends and relatives.

How Do You Fancy a Simple Wedding Dress?

You can try different necklines on your wedding dress, like a sweetheart neckline, square neckline, sleeveless or high neckline. You can also add embellishments and lace appliqués for a more refined look. You can also try intricate necklines with beads, sequins, and lace- these elements will look stunning on your wedding dress.

How Much Do You Tip Bridal Dress Consultant?

If you are happy with the work your bridal consultant did for you, it is customary to give them a tip. The usual tip is between $20 and $50, but you can leave whatever you believe is appropriate. Remember to tip based on what you can afford, even if that is only $10.

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