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Most groomsmen start by wearing a suit or tuxedo. Afterward, they add accessories like suspenders, tuxedo shoes, cufflinks, and groomsman socks. It is safe to say that the suit or tux you wear to your wedding is classic. But you can also add a fun look with bright green or blue suits, burgundy tuxes, or jackets with shimmer-and-shine details. As for your socks, this is a good opportunity to show your personality.

If you’re a groom shopping for your groomsmen, a best man helping out his friend, or a groomsman who needs to pick out some socks for the wedding, there are many different styles to choose from. You first need to decide if everyone will wear the same type of socks or not. Then, you need to pick a style.

You might want to try a bold sock with a color-blocked pattern, graphic design, or a novelty print. Or maybe you want a sock that pays homage to your hobbies or the wedding venue. If so, we’ve found stylish designer versions that will last longer, no matter your taste.

You might be looking for socks to give your groomsmen if you are the groom. In this case, choosing a style that can be customized is a good idea. This will make it more thoughtful and unique. Suppose you are looking for a budget-conscious option. In that case, many brands have affordable socks available in different styles, such as stripes, spots, and solid colors.

Here are some socks that are perfect for groomsmen. They come in many colors and styles, some with cool designs and some from luxurious cashmere.

Perfect Gift Socks for Groomsmen

1. Brooks Brothers Polka Dot Crew Socks

This polka dot sock is a great choice for the groom or groomsmen. It’s a timeless look that perfectly matches a black or grey tuxedo.

2. Vineyard Vines Solid Colorblock Socks

A color block sock in pastel colors is perfect if you’re looking for something preppy and fun for your spring or summer wedding. You can choose three different colors to mix and match the other groomsmen.

3. Falke Cotton Socks

A good pair of black socks can be worn in formal and casual clothing. They are versatile and can easily be matched with many different outfits.

4. Falke Polka-Dot Stretch-Cotton Socks

Polka dot socks are a classic choice for your wedding day look. They will add fun to your outfit without making too much of a statement.

5. Nice Laundry Personal Edition: Herringbone Dress Socks

This set of socks with a herringbone design is perfect for groomsmen’s gifts. Your guys can wear one pair on the wedding day and then rotate through the others during the weekend.

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Solid Ribbed Dress Socks, Pack of 3

Solid ribbed dress socks are versatile and can be worn with several different wedding outfits, like tuxedos or three-piece suits.

7. Alex Mill X Logo Socks

Alex Mill’s co-founder likes this two-tone pair of socks. They are a smart way to wear color blocking. The co-founder pictures them being worn with a navy suit and leather loafers.

8. Pantherella Danvers Ribbed-Knit Cotton-Blend Socks

This ribbed sock comes in ten colors, but we love the baby blue for prepster groomsmen at a spring wedding. Pastel colors are also very stylish together.

9. The Banana Republic Four Dot Cluster Sock

If stripes and polka dots are not your things, you might choose this four-dot cluster. This style is available in six colors, so each of your groomsmen can pick their favorite, or you can go with a uniform look.

10. Happy Socks Filled Optic Sock

This optic pattern is at least an eight on the bold scale. We love them for groomsmen at a summer wedding.

11. Pair of Thieves Great Fundraiser Dress Crew Sock

This triangle pattern is a fun way to add color to your outfit. It goes well with black tuxedo shoes.

12. The Tie Bar Triangle Geo Oat Dress Socks

These socks are good for different seasons. You can wear them with a tan, brown, or blue suit in the spring or summer. But for fall and winter, you can wear them with a black or burgundy suit.

13. Hotsox Men’s Fun Striped Crew Socks

To make your stripes stand out, use a rainbow of colors. This look is not for shy groomsmen.

14. London Sock Co Spot Of Style Skye Blue Socks

The blue and red on these socks feel cool and different. Fun fact, the design on these socks was inspired by the classic movie Roman Holiday. The socks were designed by London College of Fashion student Martina Milana.

15. Uncommon Goods Personalized Socks Set of 5 Pairs

Another great gift for groomsmen is a set of socks. These socks can be personalized with the groomsmen’s initials or names and a phrase at the toes. If you have any good inside jokes, this would be a great place to put them!

16. Bonobos Cotton Blend Dress Socks

This dress sock is designed for comfort. It has a cushioned footbed, mesh ventilation, and arch support. That means it will be comfortable to wear for hours at a wedding!

17. J.Crew Houndstooth Dress Socks

These socks are a timeless houndstooth print in a brunette hue. They feel modern and would be perfect for a Summer wedding with a tan or blue suit.

18. Mack Weldon Silver Extended Crew Dress Sock

Adding a pop of yellow to blue striped socks can make them more interesting. They will look good in various suits, including charcoal and navy suits.

19. Stance Plaid Out Dress Socks – OOS

This oversized plaid pattern is a bold choice, but it can be subtle under a suit. It’s a unique choice for fall or winter groomsmen.

20. Egara Gray Dog Socks

This dress sock is perfect for the groom who loves his pup. The multicolored stripes are a great touch.

21. Express Geometric Print Dress Socks

These dress socks with geometric prints are perfect for the playful and stylish groomsman. They’re a more sophisticated take on novelty socks.

22. Cole Haan Ribbon Neat Crew Socks

These socks have a neat ribbon detailing. It feels one-of-a-kind without being too bold or splashy.

23. Richer Poorer Men’s Theo Socks

This style is for the groom who wants to be stylish but also wants to stick to classic looks. There are several color options to choose from.

24. Kenneth Cole Six-Pack Rib Colorblock Socks

Buying a single dress sock can be expensive. It’s cheaper to buy a pack of six socks in different colors. We love the color block options in this set.

25. The Sock Drawer Men’s Golf Carts Socks

Do you like golf? Do you want to show other people that you like golf? If so, this is the perfect sock for you! It is a novelty sock that shows your love for the sport.

26. Neiman Marcus Men’s Mid-Calf Cashmere Dress Socks

If you want luxury fabrics, this dress sock is perfect for you. It is made of cashmere and comes in three neutral colors. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors with a colorful suit or classic tuxedo.

27. JW Anderson x Uniqlo Sock

You don’t have to spend much money to get the designer style. This sock from JW Anderson’s collaboration with Uniqlo is a great example. The muted color goes well with navy suits in the fall or light linen suits in the summer.

28. Thom Browne 4-Bar Classic Socks

If you want to dress up your look for a special event, try a pair of socks by Thom Browne. They have simple designs that make a big statement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Socks For Wedding

What Socks to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

A good way to know what socks to wear to a wedding is to match the color of the sock with the color of the trouser leg. This is a safe way to go if you are unsure what to do. If you are wearing a black tuxedo or suit, it is safe to wear black socks.

How Do You Pick Out Groomsmen Socks?

All of the groomsmen should wear the same pattern but in different colors. You can choose unique colors for each guy, like stripes for the best man and argyle or polka dots for the others.

Should Socks Match Your Tie?

Tradition dictates that we should coordinate our socks and ties. If you are wearing a burgundy bowtie, you should wear socks with a dark crimson hue. If your Windsor knot is a gorgeous shade of mustard, your socks should be a rich, deep shade of yellow.

Should Groomsmen Have Matching Socks?

Adding matching socks to your wedding outfits can be fun to add some personality. You can buy matching socks for your groomsmen as a nice gift.

Should the Groom and Groomsmen Have Matching Socks?

If you saved patterns for other details on your big day, plain wedding socks are an easy choice for a classic occasion. Choose to sport the same matching color or have each groomsman in a different hue.

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