The Perfect Red Bouquet for the Bride

The bride often has a very specific vision in mind when it comes to wedding flowers. She might want all white flowers or pink roses, or maybe she’s thinking of something more wild and untamed like succulents and eucalyptus. But what about bouquets with red flowers? Is that too bold for a bride? Absolutely not! In fact, red bouquets can be some of the most beautiful arrangements you’ll ever see.

Planning a wedding that needs a red bouquet? In any situation, this warm color stands out. It appears to be particularly appropriate for autumnal and winter celebrations and bright and surprise spring and summer soirees. One of the best things about a floral arrangement in this lovely color contrasts with other traditional wedding decorations, such as your bridal gown. Rich, brilliant colors will pop against a white backdrop and can be easily incorporated into various wedding themes, from rustic to formal.

Plus, there are a lot of flowers in this bold and bright color. You can choose roses, dahlias, ranunculus, anemones, and more! The sky is the limit for these flowers, and the results of a red wedding bouquet will be stunning. You may either go all out with this vibrant color or use it as a subtle accent in your design.

This bright hue is in full bloom in these arrangements from our magazine spreads and real weddings. From burgundy to cherry and even rose red, there is a wide variety of colors. Let’s just say it’s a great method to obtain ideas for your wedding bouquet. We’re convinced you won’t be disappointed with your choice of one of the world’s most romantic hues.

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Coral and Red Charm

Trailing Bouquet

Red and Blue Bouquet

Pop of Red

Coral and Red Charm

This arrangement is very striking! It has a lot of coral and red peonies and roses, with some Japanese red-leaf maple foliage for extra color.

Trailing Bouquet

Two components in a bouquet always have a big impact. Beautiful trailing vines and bright crimson peonies. Just like the ones in this Bows + Arrows arrangement.

Red and Blue Bouquet

This arrangement from Mar. Floral & Botanicals include red garden roses, blue eryngium, ferns, and seed pods. The addition of red garden roses pops and brightens up the entire arrangement.

Pop of Red

Petal Floral created this wedding bouquet with garden roses, tulips, viburnum berries, and a few bright red dahlias.

Berry Red Bouquet

The colors featured in this bouquet from Munster Rose are stunning. There are different shades of peach, deep berry, and bright poppy red. They’re all combined to make a stunning hand-tied statement.

Red Romance

This lovely arrangement from Greenwood Events shows how romantic red can be. The flowers include dahlias, berries, and one eclectic protea, all in shades of red.

Garland Inspiration

At the wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids wore rose garlands.

Eclectic and Red

Red is not the main color in this bride’s eclectic arrangement from Natalie Bowen. Still, it does add depth and dimension to the display in bright and burgundy tones.

Destination Red

The bride’s colorful wedding look was accented perfectly by a bright collection of peonies, garden roses, and tropical greenery by Rosegolden Flowers. The tropical greenery created a beautiful backdrop for the bride’s destination wedding.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

The bold red color can be seen in the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ arrangements. These were created by Greenwood Events and featured a few bright red flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Bouquet For Bride

What Does the Bride’s Bouquet Symbolize?

The meaning of the bridal bouquet has changed over time. People in ancient Greece and Rome and Egyptians carried fragrant herbs and spices to weddings to ward off bad luck. These plants represented a new beginning and brought hopes of fertility, happiness, and fidelity.

Should You Have Red Roses at a Wedding?

People who are having a red-themed wedding will love it. You can have a classic ballroom celebration, a chic city fête, a rustic barn bash, or a seaside soirée. The red bouquet will complement the setting perfectly.

What Color Should a Bridal Bouquet Be?

Choosing red wedding flowers instead of white sends a message of romance, passion, and sensuality. Because white flowers represent purity and innocence, they are still a popular option for bridal flowers. White flowers look great with any dress color.

What Is a Cascade Bouquet?

A cascading bouquet is a flower arrangement where the flowers hang down naturally, looking like they are falling.

Who Holds Bride’s Bouquet?

The maid of honor is the most popular choice for a wedding. She helps the bride before, during, and after the wedding. Give her the responsibility at the beginning of the ceremony and let her keep it until after you kiss.

What Flowers Symbolize Marriage?

This trumpet-shaped flower is a symbol of marriage. It represents innocence and purity. The stem is straight, and the flower is delicate and curled. This flower is available in an array of vibrant hues.

What Colour Flowers Go With Red Roses?

When seeking companions for these red-orange flowers, look for hues comparable to them, such as yellow, lime green, coral, and burgundy. Pair it with blue, the hue’s complementary color, to emphasize the color’s heat.

Do Brides Need a Bouquet?

As a result, bouquets have become closely associated with sentimental romance. They are the perfect wedding accessory. The bouquet has also taken on a central role in modern bridal aesthetics. This is one of the most important decisions that brides-to-be need to make.

Do Bridesmaids Pay for Their Own Bouquets?

The bouquets or corsages for the bridesmaids are paid for by the person paying for the wedding. Depending on how many individuals are in your squad and what kind of flowers you choose, this can be costly. Consider smaller arrangements with lush greenery and in-season blooms to save money.

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