How to Elope: The Guide You Didn’t Realize You Needed

The elopement is a beautiful and intimate ceremony growing in popularity over the past few years. It’s perfect for couples who want to elope but don’t know where to start. In this blog post, we will cover elopement planning from the moment you decide on eloping all the way until your big day arrives.

So you are thinking about getting married, but you are not sure how to do it. Some people believe an elopement is when two people go to the courthouse or Las Vegas without telling anyone and say, “I do.” But that’s not true. Nowadays, the meaning of eloping has changed.

Elopement Planning Steps

Elopement planning is easier than traditional weddings. You have to think about many things, but our team can help you. We have some tips for you to help make your elopement or small wedding even better!

Many couples who are getting married feel shy about eloping. They don’t know what it is or would be leaving people out. We want to tell you that many people have felt the same way, and we have made it our goal to provide others with the best information all year round. You can still have your bridal shower even during elopement, just make sure to plan your event thoroughly.

If you love adventure, romance, and if you are looking for a day to spend just with your partner, then it is time to plan your elopement. Here are the 8 easy steps you need to know.

Step 1: Create an Inspiration Board

The first step in organizing an elopement is to determine your preferred style. Elopements are perfect for couples who want to do something different. This is because there are almost no limits on the day you can plan. Consider location, colors, flowers, decorations for your inspiration board.

Planning the wedding is a lot of fun. You can think about what you want and what you want to do. Will your ceremony be at a mountain or on the beach? Do you like summer or winter better? What time of day do you want it to be? Will there just be two of you, or will other people come too?

Step 2: Determine a Budget

If you want to elope, you need to think about what you can spend. Even though the wedding is different than a traditional one, there are still things that need to be planned. You can have a lavish elopement or a more simple one.

This is the not-so-fun part of wedding planning, but it’s important. You’ll need to start by talking together about how much you will both spend on the wedding. A budget assists you in planning and prioritizing your to-do list. Once you set a budget, make a list of things that will cost money for your wedding.

Here are some items to consider when putting together your elopement budget:

  • Elopement Venue Permits/Fees
  • Ceremony Attire
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Rings
  • Marriage License
  • Officiant
  • Wedding Planner
  • Photography/Videography
  • Decor/Florals
  • Food/Drink
  • Travel and Accommodations

After you make a list, it is time to do some research and order it. Are there things that you can cut back on? How much does it cost to plan an elopement? It can be cheap, but we do not know how much yet.

It’s vital to realize that an elopement can be planned in any way you wish. You can DIY many things, like flowers and your makeup.

It is important to stick to your budget when you plan an elopement. This will help you know the final cost of your wedding.

Step 3: Decide Where To Elope

Now that you are inspired and know how much money you have to spend, you need to decide where you elope.

Do you want to marry somewhere that matters to both of you? Or do you want to explore somewhere new that both of you want to see? Decide what elopement location is best for your wedding, and make sure it matches your vision on the inspiration board. It’s okay if the elopement vision changes as you make your plan.

We love elopements. Couples spend less money and may even plan an elopement at their honeymoon location.

Step 4: Choose Vendors to Make Your Day Run Smoothly

The next step in elopes is determining what portions of your elopement you need help. Even if your elopement is simple, you’ll still want someone to travel with you and record the day. You’ll also want someone to officiate the ceremony.

After you choose your vendors:

  1. Connect with them.
  2. Talk to them about your vision for the elopement.
  3. Have an inspiration board with pictures to show them. This will help the vendors understand what you are trying to do.

Step 5: Consider Wedding Outfits and Details

Think about how your wedding outfits will fit where you are getting married. You should also think about what you will be doing before and after the ceremony. We like to think that this step is the best of all the elopement steps because it allows you to go shopping!

You should not limit yourself to wedding attire based on traditional wedding views. In fact, we encourage couples to find something that they’re comfortable with and love.

If you are getting married, think about whether your location is too hard to get up. If it is, you should take your dress and change into it after the hike or bring an umbrella or towel that can shield you from the cold weather.

Step 6: Do all the Paperwork

An elopement can be planned in a short amount of time. You’ll need to plan for at least three months ahead of time. You should complete the papers two months before your elopement date.

You have to get a marriage license, book a place to stay and travel arrangements, and talk about how much it will cost for the elopement venue.

For this elopement step, you need to know that every state has a different law about marriage licenses. For example, in some states, like California and Colorado, you can self-solemnize your marriage.

If you are planning to get married in a different state or country than where you live, make sure to do your research.

Some people feel worried about how to get married in a different city. But if you are getting your marriage license, it will be easier at the city hall near you live. Then you can hold a ceremony without worrying about logistics.

Step 7: Make a Wedding Registry for Cash Gifts

You might want a cash gift registry if you think about what kind of wedding registry to have. This is good for people who do not want a lot of things. It can be used for saving money together, your honeymoon, or even future investments with your family.

Step 8: Make Your Elopement Announcement

It can be exciting and joyful to announce your elopement. You’ve probably realized that people marry for a variety of reasons. When it is time to tell others about your intention of getting married, think about creating signs and incorporating your favorite drink or furry pal. You can be as creative with this step as you want!

Some couples worry about this step the most. See what your partner has to say about it. It is hard, but you should honor what you both find important.

When announcing your elopement, consider how you’ll inform everyone. You can keep it a secret from everybody until you’re legally married. Or you may announce your elopement and then flee to your adventure wedding right away.

Another idea is to only invite and tell your immediate family members or those closest to you. You can still have an adventure elopement and include your family. This way, your loved ones can still be present or participate on your wedding day without feeling left out.

You can also decide to announce your elopement at a family BBQ or get-together. There are many options, but we want you to know that you do not need to feel guilty for eloping. It will help explain why you both decided not to have a traditional wedding.

Frequently Asked Question About How to Elope

What Is a Planned Elopement?

Nowadays, eloping means getting married without a big wedding. Some people will involve their family by having them present for the ceremony.

How Far in Advance Should I Plan My Elopement?

It takes at least three months to plan an elopement. You’ll need to gather ideas, make a budget, and locate vendors. We recommend completing all documentation two months before your wedding day.

What Is the Average Cost of an Elopement?

Eloping can be less expensive. With a register, you can have a wedding for $150. You can also have one with an officiant for $400. The average is around $2000-3000, but it could go up to over $15,000 if you want the best things.

What Is a Quick Wedding Called?

Elopement can happen when someone wants to get married without their parent’s approval. They might have a flight and rush away to get married.

Can You Get Married After Eloping?

One of the best reasons to elope with your partner now and then party later is that you can get married right away, following all local laws.

Is Eloping a Legal Marriage?

Yes, it is legal. But, it might not be that easy. You need to follow the rules of the state or country where you are getting married. Some couples do not want to deal with paperwork on their day, so they elope instead.

Is Eloping Selfish?

People think that eloping is selfish. But this is not true. Here’s why: a wedding should be about you and not about making other people happy.

Do You Walk Down the Aisle at an Elopement?

Some people get married without having an aisle. You can walk down the aisle, or you can walk down a mountain trail to your partner.

How Long Should an Elopement Ceremony Be?

The ceremony is 10 minutes to half an hour long. You can keep it simple and read vows and exchange rings, or you can keep it longer. If you want to include something like knot tying, handfasting, or if you have a cultural or religious tradition.

Is Eloping Cheaper Than a Wedding?

Eloping will save you money and help you stay on track with your finances. The average wedding in the US costs $36,000. Elopements cost less than the average wedding.

Do You Need Witnesses to Elope?

Most states require two people to be physically present, but some states have different requirements. Some states even allow self-solemnization, which means you don’t need anyone else.

Check out this website for more information on elopement planning and preparation.

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