Cheap Places to Get Married: Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Weddingsa

If you want to save money on your wedding, you don’t need to use traditional venues. Here are some ideas for less expensive venues!

However, don’t forget to consider the usual cost when searching for a wedding location. This will help you compare the prices of the following low-budget wedding venues.

If you want to save money on your wedding, you should understand the average cost of wedding venues. Once you know that, keep reading to find 10 inexpensive wedding venues. Ready? Let’s get started!

10 Inexpensive Wedding Venues

1. At Home/Basement/Backyard

Getting married at home might save you much more money than having your ceremony and reception at an established venue.

Having your wedding at home can help you save money. There is no curfew, so you are free to celebrate all night long. Choose a spot in your home that can accommodate all of your guests.

Do you have a big backyard? If so, you’re lucky! You will not be responsible for wedding venue prices and fees. You can have both the ceremony and the reception on your lawn. If you do not have a backyard, you can always borrow one from a friend or relative. They won’t mind.

If you have any furry friends, you can invite them to your wedding. You won’t have to pay pet fees or deposits at traditional wedding venues.

If you have a large basement, you could use it for your wedding party. This is a good idea if you have a small number of guests.

2. Farmhouse/Barn/Ranch

If you own a ranch or barn, these places can be great locations to get married. They have many indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used for weddings.

If you are looking for a less expensive wedding venue, Barn Wedding Venue Rentals can start at $6,000. This is much cheaper than some traditional wedding venues.

3. National Parks/Garden

If you love the outdoors, you’ll love having your wedding outdoors in a park or garden. Parks and gardens are inexpensive locations for weddings.

Many beautiful local and national parks can be the perfect place for your outdoor wedding. Some beautiful parks include Yosemite Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park.

To hold a wedding in a national park, you must obtain a specific permit. The permit costs different prices depending on the park, but it is usually only a few hundred dollars. This is much cheaper than traditional wedding venues. Visit the website of the National Park Service for more information about the special events permit.

4. Courthouses, City Halls, and County Clerk’s Offices

A courthouse is a less expensive place to have your wedding ceremony. Even though it is private and intimate, you can bring some guests. You will need witnesses, so your closest friends and family are a good choice.

Depending on your area, the fee for tying the knot at a courthouse will vary. The cost can differ depending on your city, state, or county.

Some states charge a flat fee for getting married. Other expenses you need to consider when getting married at the courthouse, like getting someone to witness your marriage or finding a government-authorized wedding officiant.

You can have your wedding ceremony at city hall or the county clerk’s office for less than $100. This will help you save money on your wedding, and you can spend time with your guests.

You will not be able to invite many guests to your courtroom wedding. Some courthouses have a limit on how many guests you can invite.

If you want to invite more guests, some courthouses have rooms or gardens where you can set up chairs and tables. You can also decorate the area how you like. Some courthouses let you invite up to 100 or 250 guests.

5. Library

Are you a book lover? You may be shocked to learn that libraries are also excellent locations for weddings. Not only do they offer ample space, but they are also reasonably priced wedding venues. They are far less expensive than conventional wedding venues.

6. Museum Wedding Venue

Did you know that museums serve as venues for weddings? Museums are unique locations for your wedding ceremony and reception. According to Happily Ever After, the museums’ rental prices are usually higher than park prices but lower than ballroom rates.

7. Airbnb

Suppose the museum wedding venue idea didn’t appeal to you. In that case, another option for a cheap wedding venue is renting an Airbnb. Airbnb is a house rental service.

If your garden isn’t big enough for your wedding guests, you can always rent them a room at an Airbnb. Prices vary depending on the wedding’s location and time.

8. Restaurant With Bar

Do you have a favorite restaurant? If you do, consider having your wedding party there. Restaurants come with food, tables, chairs, and dinnerware. That means you won’t need to spend money on caterers and food for your wedding.

You could have your wedding at a restaurant with a bar. This will be a great option if you know someone who owns a restaurant like this.

9. Zoo or Aquarium

Do you cherish animals? Did you know that you may be married at a zoo or aquarium? Frequently, these sites are affordable.

In addition to being surrounded by gorgeous animals, you will save money on your wedding. According to Nerdwallet, a wedding in Jaguar Cove in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo costs only $600. Additionally, they offer catering services for a minimum charge of $1,500.

10. School or College

Another idea for a cheap wedding venue is to have your wedding at a college or university. Many campuses have beautiful gardens, chapels, and libraries that can accommodate your guests and your budget.

If you attended college, you might wish to rent the school’s facilities for your wedding. Some colleges also provide onsite personnel, such as security. And some may charge you less if you are a graduate. Prices vary for each college, but there are undoubtedly some affordable options.

How to Save Money on Wedding Venues

Do Some Research

Ask friends or relatives who recently got married how they saved money on their wedding. Request a reasonable wedding venue pricing, so you are not overcharged when booking a location.

If you need assistance organizing your wedding, contact relatives or friends who have been through the process. They might be able to recommend a cheap wedding venue that isn’t listed above. You can also ask your wedding planner for ideas. Wedding planners might be able to recommend a cheap wedding venue and could get you a discount.

You will want to carefully research wedding venues that will not break the bank. You need to find a venue that fits your tight budget. Most importantly, do not rush the process of wedding planning. To locate a low-cost wedding location you will enjoy, you will need to conduct some research.


You can try to negotiate with the wedding venue vendors. For example, you could ask if they would waive some fees. Even if they say no, you won’t lose anything by trying.

Consider a Short Guest List

If you have a smaller wedding, you will need less space at the wedding venue. This can save you a lot of money because you will not have to rent as much space.

Consider an Off-peak Time

If you choose an off-season date for your wedding, the venue will likely be less expensive. Considering that Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings, it would be unwise to choose that day. This day is in high demand and frequently more expensive than weekdays for weddings.

Consider Hosting the Ceremony & Reception at the Same Place

You will save money if you have your wedding ceremony and party at the same location. You will not have to pay two separate rental fees.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to spend much money on a wedding venue that will only let you use the place for a few hours. As you can see from the list and tips above, there are many inexpensive wedding venues that you can choose from.

The cost of the wedding venue depends on your wedding budget. Before hiring a location, you can always try to haggle with the vendors, but remember that you may not receive all you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Places to Get Married

What Is the Cheapest Month for a Wedding?

Some months are cheaper for weddings than others. January, March, April, and November are usually less expensive because there is less demand for venues and vendors. February and December are more expensive because they are popular wedding months.

What Is a Quick Wedding Called?

Elopement is when a couple gets married quickly without telling many people. They might do this if they don’t want to deal with objections from their parents or religious groups.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a small wedding with only 50 guests or less. They still have traditional things that happen at weddings, just on a smaller scale. This sounds like a great option for people who want to get married!

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