The Best White Shirts for Men

Every man should own a quality white t-shirt. It can be worn with many different things, like blue jeans or a suit. But it would help if you thought about what you’ll wear it with before you buy it.

You want a white t-shirt that is made from premium cotton or jersey. It should be well-made and durable so that you can wear it often. Likewise, you need not spend much money if you want a shirt of acceptable quality. Some brands make great shirts that don’t cost too much. We can help you find them.

If you need a new white t-shirt, look at this list of brands that make good white tees. You can find short-sleeved, long-sleeved, crew neck, v neck, henley style, chest pocket, slim fit, relaxed white t-shirts.

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Tommy John

Ministry of Supply


Everlane is a company that only partners with ethical factories. They use the best materials for their clothes. They call this “Radical Transparency.” It means that you get quality clothes that will last for years, and you feel good about supporting a company that fights for fair wages and working conditions.

Everyone has a lot of white t-shirts for men. They have short and long sleeves, crew necks, and v necks. The fabric is soft, including organic cotton. You will be very comfortable in them, and they will last a long time.


Rhone is a brand for people who want to be their best. The company makes clothes that fit well and look good. They also make sure the clothes are functional, so you can do your best in whatever you do.

You can wear Rhone’s range of white t-shirts for men while you work out at the gym or play golf. They are made to help you stay dry. But they are also stylish enough to wear every day. However, you do not need to pay a lot of money to obtain a shirt of high quality.

Tommy John

Tommy John is a company that makes clothes for comfortable people. They have fabrics and designs that stop clothes from being uncomfortable, from coming untucked, and from bunching up.

Tommy John has a small but good collection of white t-shirts for men. They are made with comfortable fabrics and are available as short or long sleeves and crew or v-neck options.

Ministry of Supply

At the Ministry of Supply, they use science and engineering techniques to create comfortable and stylish clothes. They ensure that the clothing is breathable, sweatproof, and easy to care for. Furthermore, their goods provide a broad range of motion.

Ministry of Supply sells white t-shirts for men in crewnecks and v-necks. All of the white t-shirts are made with high-quality materials. The designers, builders, and testers at the Ministry of Supply have ensured that these white t-shirts will perform well for you. Ministry of Supply guarantees all of their white t-shirts for life.


Outerknown is a company founded by Kelly Slater in 2014. It is based on environmental sustainability. Outerknown creates stylish clothing with lasting materials while protecting natural resources and providing fair wages to factory workers.

Outerknown only has one white t-shirt for sale, but it is good. It is made from 100% organic Peruvian Pima cotton, which is known to be very soft. It also has a relaxed crew neck fit, which makes it perfect for a casual minimalistic style.

The Best White Dress Shirts For Men

In the Victorian era, white clothes were a sign of wealth. It was because white shows dirt and stains quickly. So, people who could afford to wear white clothes often did.

Nowadays, we have more access to laundry facilities, but a white shirt is still considered a classic look. Depending on the circumstance, it can be dressed up or down.

There are numerous styles of white shirts for men. It provides you with multiple possibilities to select the finest shirt for you.

Tommy Hilfiger Regular Fit Shirt

This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is composed entirely of cotton. It’s machine-washable and doesn’t wrinkle, so you don’t have to worry about it. This shirt’s ability to stay crisp throughout the day is another benefit, ensuring that you always look your best.

Dickies Oxford Shirt, Blue with White Stripe

Dickies used to be thought of as a company that made durable workwear. But over time, the company started making more formal clothes. This short-sleeve button-down gives a classic look and is still comfortable. The fabric is somewhat heavier than cotton, making it ideal for work.

State & Liberty Springer White with Navy Accents

State & Liberty makes dress shirts that are comfortable and have a performance-based athletic build. The Springer dress shirt emphasizes the athletic V-body form while maintaining a distinctive white dress shirt style. It is made from a soft, stretchy, wrinkle-free fabric commonly used in workout gear. The Springer looks excellent with a suit and ties or casually with a navy blue placket, collar, and cuffs.

Gitman Bros. Vintage Button Down Oxford

Gitman Bros. Vintage has been a shirt maker in business since 1932. They still make all their shirts in the United States. The Button Down Oxford is a classic shirt made with the same Cloth they have used for over 40 years. It is long-wearing but also soft. The shirt is cut slim and is pre-shrunk. It also has an unlined collar and cuffs for a live-in feel.

Best Material for White Dress Shirts

There are different types of white shirts. You should consider the texture, how easy it is to wash, and when you can wear it before buying one.

Cotton Poplin

Cotton is the most versatile material for white dress shirts. Men may wear it without feeling too hot, unlike flannel or corduroy. This weave gives the shirt a smooth and crisp appearance while being soft against men’s skin. A white cotton dress shirt is appropriate for work and may also be dressed for a more formal occasion. Because cotton poplin is machine-washable, these shirts are simple to maintain. The material is also dry cleanable, which makes upkeep even more manageable.


Oxford cloth is heavier than cotton and a bit stiffer. It is suitable for casual social occasions and business casual wear. The general rule is that smoother, shinier shirts look more formal, and Oxford cloth is rougher and matte. You can wear an Oxford shirt with a suit, but it is typically worn under a sports coat or without a suit jacket. You can machine-wash an Oxford shirt on the delicate cycle to ensure it lasts for many years.


White linen is an excellent material to wear in the summer. Men can still look professional at work, but the material breathes more than cotton or Oxford. The fabric is comfortable but slightly rumpled due to the weave. Therefore, it’s not ideal for wearing a suit jacket or tie but rather casual denim.

Linen is suitable for business casual or weekend wear. A man can still look stylish in a white linen shirt. On a gentle cycle, washing machines will clean linen as long as the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Hand washing is the best way to wash this material. They should air-dry, not be put in the dryer, to avoid damaging the fibers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best White Shirts for Men

What Is a High-Quality T-shirt?

To make a high-quality T-shirt, you need to start with high-quality cotton that has not been pre-shrunk. The shirt will stay true to size and not shrink in the wash.

How Do I Stop White Tops See-Through?

If you wish to wear a see-through shirt dress, you should put a thin slip below. It will stop light from shining through the dress. Try on the slip with the dress before you go out in it.

Why Do Guys Wear White T-shirts?

White clothing can make you look perfect. Most Indian men wear white t-shirts because they look good and are a fashion staple.

What Jeans Go With a White Shirt?

A white t-shirt and blue jeans are always a perfect match. You can’t go wrong with any color, but white and blue always look good together. Try pairing them with black or blue joggers for a more sporty look. If you want a sleeker look, choose plimsolls instead.

How Do You Pick a White Shirt for a Suit?

A white dress shirt is suitable for formal occasions. You can wear it with the right accessories. You can choose a spread collar if you want a more formal shirt. It is very versatile and on-trend.

What Is the Best Material for a White Dress Shirt?

Try poplin or broadcloth if you want a soft, silky, and flat fabric. Pick twill or pinpoint if you prefer a less translucent material. The most opaque fabric is twill, but it frequently has a soft shine. The primer on shirt textiles in Proper Cloth is helpful.

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