The Best Wedding Insurance

Planning a wedding can be stressful. But you should try to enjoy your big day when it arrives. Even if you spend a great deal of time planning for the unexpected, you may still encounter circumstances beyond your control.

Wedding insurance might help you cover a portion of your wedding expenses. Wedding insurance is a form of special event insurance that can assist in covering unanticipated financial losses related to a wedding. This may include cancellations, illness, property damage, guest injury, postponements, and duty for alcoholic beverages.

Wedding insurance can be a great investment for peace of mind. It can cover many possible problems that could occur on your big day. Here are some of the best wedding insurance alternatives so that you and your partner can rest and enjoy the event.

The Best Wedding Insurance Companies

When shopping for wedding insurance, you will find many options. They all have different coverage. To help you choose, we have narrowed down the choices and included what makes each one special.


Allstate offers two types of wedding insurance: event cancellation insurance and event liability insurance.

Suppose you must reschedule or cancel the wedding. In that case, event cancellation insurance will help you cover lost deposits and non-refundable expenses. If the event is canceled or postponed, this insurance may compensate you for your honeymoon expenses.

Event liability insurance can help cover costs if someone gets injured or something is damaged during your event. For example, if a guest damages the wall at the reception venue or the DJ sprains his ankle, the insurance may help pay the bills. Most policies only last 24 to 48 hours after the event.

If you have insurance through Allstate for other things, like your car or your home, you may be able to save on the cost of your premiums by bundling them together.


Progressive offers coverage for weddings and other special events. If you purchase the coverage from Progressive, you will receive a 5% discount. The coverage satisfies the insurance requirements for 99 percent of all venues.

You can choose the wedding and event insurance coverage you require. Progressive provides wedding & event liability insurance, wedding cancellation insurance, and more coverage options.

Most liability coverage is standard. This means that it will cover injuries to guests and damage to property. You can purchase wedding cancellation coverage if you need to cancel your wedding. This insurance will help cover the costs of non-refundable expenses.

You can ensure your wedding dress, tuxedos, photographs, gifts, and more with special coverage.


Since 2009, EventHelper has provided event insurance. Evanston Insurance and Lloyds of London issue the company’s insurance policy. EventHelper provides event and vendor insurance in addition to wedding insurance.

The insurer does not offer coverage above $3 million for most events. The policy will cover events with up to five thousand attendees. The policy provides host liquor liability coverage and the opportunity to incorporate numerous venues.

EventHelper asserts that its insurance policy is compatible with nearly all locations. If it does not work, you will receive a refund. You may also cancel your coverage before the policy’s effective date. However, reimbursements will be processed according to the terms of your policy.

A policy can be purchased for $66.35. You must complete the online form to receive a quote that meets your requirements. The application process is brief and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. The entire procedure is conducted digitally, including payments.

Customer service representatives can help you from Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Suppose something unexpected happens and you have to cancel or postpone your wedding. In that case, Markel offers wedding liability insurance to help cover the costs. This includes non-refundable deposits, lost or stolen gifts, cancellation costs, and injuries or damage during your wedding.

You may need additional coverage to have your wedding at home rather than at a venue. Many homeowner’s plans only cover wedding liability insurance if the event is held at the bride or groom’s house. They also frequently do not include cancellations.

You can acquire a Markel policy up to one day before your event date. The policy may include coverage for the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and event setup and teardown. If you must cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you can purchase cancellation insurance for an additional fee.

Markel wedding liability insurance can cost between $75 and $235. This depends on the coverage you choose and how much protection you want. Your liability limit starts at $500,000, and you can also add liquor liability protection. Wedding cancellation insurance costs around $130, depending on your budget for the wedding.

Travelers Wedding Insurance

Suppose you’re planning to get married in a destination outside of the United States. In that case, you may need wedding insurance from a company that only covers US-based weddings.

If you’re getting married in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, or any Caribbean islands. Excluding Cuba and Haiti, we can cover your wedding. That also includes coverage if your wedding is on a cruise ship leaving port from any of these locations.

If you have a wedding outside the U.S., there is no extra cost for insurance. Your Travelers Wedding Insurance policy will cover cancellations, postponements, wedding videos and photos, wedding gifts, special attire and jewelry, lost deposits, and additional wedding expenses.

There are optional wedding policies that you can purchase. Wedding liability insurance and liquor liability coverage are both extra costs.


Wedsure offers wedding liability coverage backed by A+ rated Allianz, the second-biggest insurance company in the world. You may receive up to $5 million in liability coverage for your event, starting at just $125.

The company says that its liability policy meets the requirements of 99.9% of event sites. They also offer free host liquor liability. You can purchase this coverage up to two years before your wedding date or even the night before the first wedding event.

Wedsure offers wedding cancellation insurance that covers the costs of your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding or private event, or reception if something goes wrong. This policy will cover you if someone gets injured or sick. The caterers don’t show up. The wedding officiant can’t make it, the event facility goes bankrupt, and more.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to add optional coverage to your policy. This will aid in preserving presents, jewelry, photographs and films, unique clothing, rental property, professional counseling, and deposits. This provider also provides a change of heart coverage if the bride or groom has second thoughts.

Wedsure can assist with destination wedding planning. They offer wedding insurance in Canada, Puerto Rico, the United States, and the United States Virgin Islands. Weddings in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Scotland, the United States, the United States Virgin Islands, and Wales are covered.


WedSafe was created in 1999 by a couple who could not find wedding insurance for their event. WedSafe policies are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, one of the largest insurance service organizations in the U.S., with a strong A+ rating from A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poors.

WedSafe offers two wedding insurance policies: wedding liability insurance and cancellation/postponement insurance. On their website, you may get a quote if you are interested in purchasing any (or both) of these policies. When you buy both liability and cancellation/postponement coverage, you can get up to a 15% discount for bundling.

If you are getting married, you must buy wedding liability insurance. This insurance protects you if someone gets hurt or something is damaged during the wedding. WedSafes also offers host liquor liability, which protects you if someone gets drunk at the wedding and then hurts themselves or damages something. If your wedding must be canceled or postponed for whatever reason, WedSafes will assist with covering the associated expenses.

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll be pleased to know that you may purchase liability insurance for your wedding up until the day before. WedSafe makes it simple to transmit your insurance certificate directly to your wedding site, if necessary. Additionally, the organization offers a dedicated customer service team to address any issues regarding your event coverage.

Who Should Buy Wedding Insurance?

Weddings are expensive. The average wedding costs $33,900, according to a survey of 27,000 couples by the wedding website The Knot. That price tag includes the wedding ring but doesn’t include the honeymoon expenses.

Wedding insurance can help you feel more relaxed when planning your wedding. It’s like buying a car or a house- it’s an investment, and it makes sense to protect it. This will let you focus on having the wedding of your dreams.

The following hazards are often covered by wedding insurance:

  • Damage to the property caused by a guest or a vendor is the responsibility of the guest or vendor.
  • Accidental harm to guests
  • Accident-related expenses incurred during the rehearsal, ceremony, or reception.
  • Extreme weather
  • Sudden sickness
  • Vendors that do not appear will be penalized.
  • Worn-out wedding outfit
  • Lost or stolen gifts
  • Loss of savings

Most people hope their wedding day goes perfectly, but sometimes things go wrong. Wedding insurance can help you feel better if something does happen on your big day. This type of insurance can help you pay for any costs associated with whatever went wrong.

Will Wedding Insurance Cover COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cancellations?

On their websites, most wedding insurance providers state that they will not cover cancellations or reschedules of coronavirus-related events. Wedding insurance does not cover problems you are aware of before purchasing coverage. If you know of an issue such as coronavirus, your policy may not cover it.

Since the pandemic is on the list of things that most wedding insurance policies do not cover, most wedding insurance policies do not cover the pandemic. You should not purchase insurance coverage for coronavirus-related expenses. Nevertheless, there are numerous other potential concerns, such as extreme weather and wedding accidents, where coverage can save money.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Typically Cost?

The cost of wedding insurance varies depending on several factors, including the location and size of your wedding.

EventHelper offers the lowest starting price for wedding insurance policies. For instance, a policy’s base price is $66.35. The price range for Markel Wedding Liability Coverage is between $75 and $235, while wedding cancellation coverage begins at $130.

The best way to determine the cost of insurance coverage for your event is to obtain online quotations from several providers on our list. Compare the pricing and coverage of each company before determining which one best meets your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of your wedding day is a fun thing to do. But you don’t want to think about bad things happening that day. Like when it rains really hard, or someone gets injured. That can ruin your day and cost you a lot of money. It’s like when you buy a house or a car. You might want to have insurance in case something happens.

When buying wedding insurance, you can relax and focus on the planning. This way, if something goes wrong, you know that you are covered. Get quotes from different insurance providers before making a decision.

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