Best Plus Size Wedding Dresses for the Curvy Bride

The wedding dress is essential to a girl’s perfect wedding day. It can be tough to find a dress if you don’t fit into the standard sizes. But don’t worry, there are plus-sized wedding dresses out there! They might be more difficult to locate, but the ladies that wear them will look just as stunning as everyone else on their wedding day.

Every bride must feel confident and dazzling on her wedding day, and THE DRESS is their A-game. The downside of the fashion industry nowadays is the lack of body diversity in fashion; This contains wedding gowns. It was time for fashion professionals to branch out into the plus-size market.

Every body shape deserves to be represented in fashion. There are bridal blogs and magazines, but we rarely see women’s media outlets with plus-size models on the top page.

Plus-size brides are becoming more and more popular. They should feel like the most influential people in the world while looking for their dress. That is why we made this article. We want to help bride-to-be find the best dress on the market and look amazing on their wedding day.

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Ballgown

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Trumpet / Mermaid

Wedding Dress Types

Every bride-to-be needs a different design because no one is perfect. Every woman wants to show off her good features and hide the ones she doesn’t like as much. For example, a petite woman might want a dress that makes her legs look longer. You can be done with a natural waistline design instead of a drop waistline, which looks good on taller women.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Ballgown

Many girls dream of being fairy tale princesses because ballgowns are so beautiful. They make you feel like a queen and are very elegant. A big, full skirt will hide your legs, and a fitted bodice will make your waist look smaller. You don’t need fancy shoes if you have a poofy dress–it will cover them up.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: A-line

This dress is similar to a ballgown, but it is much simpler. It also has a lighter skirt design. This dress is made for hourglass figure brides, but we can say that this model looks fantastic on every girl. We have a full skirt without the big scene that a ball gown brings.

This dress shape can be altered. Some of the new versions fit the body better than others. That is flattering for every girl because it brings out the best in her figure. It makes an A shape, hides all your little flaws, and gives you a perfect look for a plus-size bride. They also help balance out broad shoulders.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Tea Length

Slim girls on the covers of magazines make other women feel bad about their curves. They make it seem like you have to be thin to wear a tea-length dress. But that is not the case! There are tea-length dresses available in larger sizes. They are elegant and comfortable, making them ideal for any casual occasion.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Trumpet / Mermaid

This shape is awe-inspiring. Its curvy, fit, and flare silhouette makes your figure look slim and sexy. The only bad thing about this style is that it makes the stomach and hips stand out. If you have a problem area in those areas, you should avoid this style. If you use shapewear, you can fix the problem quickly.

There is a slight difference between the trumpet and mermaid-style wedding dresses. The mermaid dress is tight to the body, while the trumpet style dress is tight until the middle of the hips and becomes more expansive. The trumpet style is in between a mermaid cut and an A-line cut.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Type: Sheath

Another type of wedding dress is designed for slimmer girls. It can look beautiful if the dress is adjusted to fit a curvier frame. This type of dress is a symbol of elegance and beauty. No woman should be left without the chance to wear this dress. Sheath wedding dresses have many options that can adjust to a woman’s body; you can have a vintage, beaded, backless, chiffon, or strapless. Wearing this dress will make you feel slim and comfortable in your skin.

Best Tips for Choosing The Dress

Designers often make wedding dresses in sizes from 20-24. But some designers will create a wedding dress to fit the bride’s measurements. Vera Wang is one of those designers. So, the bride who always dreamed about wearing Vera Wang on her special day should wear Vera. There are no excuses!

Therefore, if you like to resemble Carrie Bradshaw from the first Sex and the City film, you should get a designer to make a dress in your size. But if you want something unique or can’t decide between models, then thoughtfully choosing a type of dress will help you a lot. Get to know what dress you want to wear, and start looking.

Here Are Some Suggestions on How to Choose the Right Dress:

Call the Salons Earlier

If you wish to try on gowns at a salon, you should prepare beforehand. Most salons have size eight gowns, but some might have size fourteen. If the salon you’re going to doesn’t have your size, don’t worry. You can still try on the other gowns they have.

Just try on the dresses to see if they look good on you. If you think you might say yes to that dress, order it in your size. It is also a good idea to tell salons about your style, what you like and doesn’t like, and the time and location of your wedding. It can help them find the most flattering dress for you.

Do Not Shut Your Eyes to Various Styles

Don’t let your prejudices stop you from finding the perfect dress. You may not be able to wear every style the same way as other girls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous in a designer dress. Do not compare yourself to models, as every female has a unique face, body shape, and fashion sense. If a curvy woman is scared to wear the strapless dress, she will never know if it flatters her figure. So just go for it! You might fall in love with how you look in the mirror.

Yes, We Mean It: Bring Your Wedding Underwear to the Salon

If you’re trying on wedding dresses, it’s a good idea to bring the underwear you plan to wear on your wedding day. That way, you can see how the dress looks with different types of lingerie. You can read this article from EBY to help choose the right kind of underwear for your big day.

Change the Size of the Dress So That It Fits Your Whole Body

Buying a gown that fits your curvier body is essential if you are a plus-size bride. Do not wait until you lose weight before the wedding day. The best time to buy your gown is when you find one that fits well and makes you feel beautiful.

The wedding is stressful enough on its own. You don’t need to worry about the dress on top of all the other stress. We should try not to get stressed out and just enjoy all the fun of getting ready instead of going crazy over inches and sizes.

Shopping Buddy Is a Must!

Many girls dream of being fairy tale princesses because ballgowns are so beautiful. They make you feel like a queen and are very elegant. A big, full skirt will hide your legs, and a fitted bodice will make your waist look smaller. You don’t need fancy shoes if you have a poofy dress–it will cover them up.

Different Bodies Need Different Wedding Dresses

We all have different body shapes, and dresses come in different shapes. One woman might look beautiful in a mermaid-shaped dress, but another might not look as good. It all depends on a lot of other things. The most important thing is: don’t just have one vision of your perfect dress. Open your mind and try something different.

You need to try on all different styles of dresses to see which looks the best on your body. You should go shopping without expectations and try on whatever dress catches your eye. However, if you try the next dress, you may fall in love with it.

Bring Your a-game With You

Trust your intuition when looking for your perfect dress. It is essential if you’re looking for a wedding dress. You can trust the people helping you make the decision, like your friends or family. But remember, it’s ultimately your choice. You might need to hear more than one opinion before you make a final decision.

When trying on dresses, you need to be sure of yourself. There is a lot of pressure on every bride, and worrying about the dress can be one of the biggest problems. Don’t be sad if you try on a few dresses that don’t fit. Simply grab the next one and continue to smile. Your ideal outfit is out there, awaiting your discovery.

Let the Dress Work for You

Many people want to look their best on their wedding day. They want to feel like the only girl in the world. The best way to do this is to wear the best dress they can find. If you have curves, you can use a halter or corset to make them look more tightened.

If you don’t have curves, you can wear a mermaid or fit-and-flare dress to create the curves you want. But it is essential that you feel comfortable in your dress. We know how long the reception, ceremony, and photo session will be. You should be able to wear your dress like an everyday outfit and still look like a princess. You need to find the best way to balance these two things.

Numbers Are Just Numbers

Many brides go on stressful diets before their wedding day, afraid of what will happen if they don’t fit into their expected size.

Don’t let your weight ruin your plans and make you sad. Order the size that fits you now and will fit you in the future. If you need to cut it down, that’s fine. Ordering a smaller one can be a disaster if you want to lose weight. You don’t need that stress so close to the wedding. So what if you have a few extra pounds? Those are just numbers.

Fabric Is Crucial

Sometimes we pick people to be friends or partners just by their appearance. But sometimes, that’s the biggest mistake.

If you’re a plus-size bride, you’ll want to choose a thicker fabric for your dress. It will help make you look smaller. Remember that this shape can make your shoulders look broader when choosing a strapless dress. A better choice is a dress with thicker straps or cap sleeves. Avoid materials that can draw attention to the parts of your body you don’t want people to see. Choose materials that will highlight the best parts of your body shape.

Body Shapes

There are many different body shapes, like pear, apple, round, or hourglass. The form over your hips is the most flattering for plus-size brides. It will make your waist look curvier. If you have an ideal body, you can accentuate it by selecting a waist-revealing garment.

There are a few essential things to remember when choosing a dress.

  1. The dress must have a silhouette that accentuates your feminine curves.
  2. The material must be suitable.
  3. Select the optimal neckline
  4. Pay close attention to the particulars, as they are crucial to the overall appearance.

Plus-Size Wedding Gowns for Various Body Types

The Correct Option for Short Girls

If you are short, you will want to find a gown that fits well and flares out at the bottom. It will create the illusion of height. Gowns with a lot of volume on the skirt will not look good on you. Trumpet or mermaid-style gowns are a good option, as well as waistlines above your natural waist. Empire-style dresses also make you look taller.

Girls With a Larger Bust

You need to remember a few things when picking out an outfit for a night of dancing.

  1. You need to ensure that your chest is balanced by an enormous skirt or a skirt with lots of details.
  2. Make sure that your underwear fits because you will be dancing all night.
  3.  Choose a drop-waist dress if you want to elongate your waist and create a more feminine line between your bust and hips.

Options for Small-chested Girls

Strapless dresses look great on the upper body. They can help to make your curves more attractive. If you are comfortable showing a little more skin, go for it! You only get one chance to wear your wedding dress, so make it count!

Girls With a Rounded Tummy

Girls who want to hide their stomachs can try wearing a dress that hangs down over their stomach or a dress that helps to disguise that area visually. They should also wear high-quality underwear, making their body slimmer and their waist thinner.

When a Thick Upper Arm Is a Problem

If your upper arms are big, a sleeveless dress can make them look smaller. A dress with sleeves is also good, but you should choose short, long, or maybe even 3/4 length sleeves. Also important is the fabric. Lace is a great way to cover your arm and simultaneously add a touch of glamour to your look.

If you need to wear tight short sleeves, go with cap sleeves. They will be less tight and look better on your wedding day. You can try getting a dark tan if you want to look thinner on your wedding day.

Solution for the Girls With Broad Shoulders

Girls with broad shoulders can sometimes have a problem finding clothes that fit well. The neckline is the most significant aspect of a garment to consider. You should say yes to scoop and V-necklines for girls with broad shoulders. You should also avoid structured shoulders and pads on clothing. A good tip is to wear a diagonal cut sleeve on your clothes instead of a straight cut sleeve.

The Neckline Is the Essence

If you are a plus-size bride, one of the essential things to consider when choosing your dress is the neckline. A sleeveless neckline style is trendy, but you might look bad if it doesn’t fit you well. An illusion neckline is a good option for brides looking more feminine and attractive. This neckline is created by attaching sheer fabric, like lace or tulle, to the waistline. Usually, pearls or beads are added to give the illusion neckline an elegant and stylish look.

You need to pick the right neckline for your wedding dress. You don’t want it to have too many or too few details. You can experiment with several styles to determine which one suits you best. For example, the sweetheart neckline can look romantic and beautiful on plus-size brides with many cleavages.

Neckline Types and Adjustment

  • Strapless – One of the most popular styles for wedding gowns is the style with a straight-across square bodice or sweetheart style. You can choose a designer scarf or jacket if you want to be practical and cover up on colder days. This way, your wedding dress will still look amazing.
  • Sweetheart Neckline – This style is perfect for busty ladies because it is both romantic and sexy. The style brings out a little cleavage, which can be enhanced with a c-thought scarf or bolero jacket.
  • One-Shoulder Neckline – Some believe this contemporary, asymmetrical style flatters bustier brides since it slims the chest area and makes them appear attractive and unique.
  • Illusion Neckline – Lace at the top of a dress can create a beautiful neckline. A V-neck or sweetheart neckline can be made more elegant with sheer fabric or lace.
  • V-neck – This is a good choice for any plus-size gown because it will make your neck look larger and thinner. It can also make your chest and shoulders look smaller, creating the illusion of a slimmer figure. It is essential when you are trying out wedding dresses.
  • Halter Neck – This style is ideal for people with broad shoulders. Girls shouldn’t wear this style with narrow shoulders or thick upper arms.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Plus Size Wedding Dress

What Style of Wedding Dress Looks Best on Plus-Size?

A-line wedding dresses are flattering for brides of any size and shape because they fit snugly at the waist and flare out at the hips. It emphasizes your most flattering curves.

What Should Fat Brides Wear?

If you are a top-heavy bride, you should choose a ‘U’ or ‘V-shaped neckline. If you prefer to wear a dress, select one with an empire waist. Plus-size brides with a heavy bottom should choose the A-line cut for indo-western gowns or lehenga skirts.

What Is Considered a Plus-Size Bride?

You are considered a plus-size bride if you wear a size 14 or larger. Most designers do offer plus sizes, but many stores only carry samples in sizes 8, 10, and 12. To find out if your local bridal store will be able to accommodate you, call them before you go shopping.

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