The Best Wedding Invitation for Your Special Day

You might consider online wedding invitations if you are getting ready for your wedding and thinking about invitation options. There are many benefits to using electronic invitations to let everyone know about your big day.

On average, weddings are expensive. You may send paperless wedding invites if you wish to save money. Depending on your service, this can be very cheap – or even free.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to spend more money on an invitation that may be kept as a memento. But if you are on a tight budget, using online invitations can save you money.

Top 9 Digital Wedding Invitation Services

Printing and mailing physical wedding invitations take time. They require time to print. Then, they must be sealed in their respective envelopes and mailed.

If there is a delay, online wedding invitations can be used. They are sent fast and can be received by practically everyone. There are advantages and disadvantages to both online and paper invitations.

Online wedding invitations and save-the-dates are emerging trends in the wedding industry. They are less expensive than traditional paper invitations and conserve paper. Online wedding invitations may be a fantastic option if you wish to be environmentally conscious.

You can save money and the environment by electronically sending save-the-date cards and wedding invitations.


Greenvelope is a paid service that helps you send wedding invitations online. They have full support for users on the web, mobile phones, or tablets. They promise that your guest list will be private and they will never show any advertisements.

Each envelope will be personalized for every guest. They offer a wide variety of online wedding invitation designs that you can choose from. You can also add optional details like music, maps, and links to gift registries. Plus, you can even track RSVPs through their platform.

There is a cost to using this service. They also offer a few custom design services. This might include color customizations, text adjustments, or even completely customized designs. You can design your wedding invitation to match your theme and colors for the big day.

They also offer a variety of other online invitation ideas.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post offers a variety of invitations for all types of events. You can find options for babies and kids, birthdays, greetings, cards, and flyers. Their service has some free options, but if you’re sending out many invitations or cards, you will need to pay for them.

This service offers some of the best wedding invitations online. You can choose from invitation design templates or customize your own. You can match the details of your wedding like colors, flowers, or overall look.

You can also print your designs on paper using Paperless Post. This way, you can keep your invitations as a souvenir of your special celebration.

There are many different designs for wedding invitations. You can find invitations with floral designs, like this one from Kate Spade, or with designs from Oscar de la Renta. If you want, your wedding invitation can match your wedding dress. And if you want to save some paper invitations, you can print them out.

Paper Source

If you’re looking for invitations for your wedding, Paper Source is a great place to start. You can choose from electronic invitations or create custom invitations that you can print yourself. They have a wide selection of wedding-themed cards, so you can find the perfect ones for your bachelorette party, bridal shower, and the big day.

Paper Source is a great place to go if you need paper for your wedding. They have everything from wedding programs to menus and more. You can even create all of your wedding stationery on their website!

Paper Source offers a lot of different types of invitations. You can find custom invitations or choose designer invitations from people like Vera Wang and Neil Lane. You can also create your own custom invitations, RSVP cards, envelopes, and more.

If you want to invite guests the traditional way, you can also use a paper source to create your sample invitation. This will save on price, as you can print them at home to DIY your invitations.


Evite offers a variety of options for wedding invitations. You can choose free invitations with basic designs or pay for more premium designs that offer customization options like envelope color, stamps, liners, and photos.

Their website is easy to use and understand, but it might not be as flashy as some of their competitors.

Evite is an excellent way to send wedding invitations. You can select from numerous styles and hues at an affordable price.

Riley & Grey

If you want to make a really great impression with your wedding invitations, Riley & Grey is a good option. They offer high-quality, custom websites perfect for couples who want something unique. On their website, a variety of design alternatives are available.

You can also choose how to plan your wedding, what to put on your personal wedding website, and how to send invitations online. They also offer traditional printing options.


Minted has a unique approach to its designs. They get their design concepts from independent artists who submit their work to the Minted community. The community votes on the best artwork, and if it is selected and sold, the artist gets a commission.

Minted offers a lot of different templates and designs to choose from. They have free online wedding invitations. But they are only for things like bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners, not the wedding day itself. If you want matching printed accessories, like thank you cards, you must pay for them.


Punchbowl doesn’t put its online wedding invitations on its front page. It is more of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ vendor, offering all types of online invitations and greeting ecards. It offers a 7-day free trial, with the ability to cancel anytime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you stay longer than just a week, it has pricing packages that start at just $2.99 monthly.

You can use Punchbowl to create your own custom invitations on another platform. This will make it easy to customize you save the dates and invitation design.


If you’re thinking about emailing your online wedding invitations, Etsy might be a good place to find artwork to feature. A quick search shows many downloadable and customizable artwork, animations, and video options.

Here is the typical process you would follow: choose a design, pay for it, and then get an email with a template that you can edit. You can then download the template to your computer. After that, you can send out the invitations either by email or text.

You could go to a local printer if you want to print invitations. If you want to be environmentally friendly, consider printing on recycled paper and envelopes.


Joy is a great option for people who want to save money on their wedding. It’s free to use right now, but they plan on charging for premium services in the future. You can access their planning dashboard, wedding website, mobile app, and digital invites and RSVPs for no charge right now.

Joy’s online wedding invitations are free, but they’re not a step down from other options. You can customize their invitation templates to make them your own. You can choose different layouts, themes, colors, photos, and fonts to create a unique look for your invitations and wedding website.

With Joy, you can create wedding invitations that match the colors and design of your website. When guests RSVP, they’ll see the same design and colors on your wedding day! You can find ideas for fall invitations, simple and elegant invites, and more on Joy’s website.

Final Thoughts

Online wedding invites are a good option for you. You can choose to have a digital invitation as pretty as a paper invite. You can also choose the design that fits your wedding theme and personal style.

Check out these nine websites for digital wedding invitations. Find the right service for you, whether you want a gold foil or a modern floral theme.

There are many different ways to design your wedding invitations. You can choose a pre-made template, or you can design them yourself. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend on the project.

Click here to learn more information on how to make a wedding easier on your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Invitation for Wedding

What Is Rsvp in the Invitation?

RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase ‘Repondez, s’il vous plaît’. It means ‘Respond if you please. This is a very important part of the invitation. You need to respond to let the hosts know if you are coming or not.

How Can I Create a Free Whatsapp Invitation?

You can use WhatsApp to make an invitation card. Open the WhatsApp status screen and use the provided tools, such as text, doodle, sticker, etc., to make your invitation card. Without uploading it as your status, take a screenshot of your invitation card and send it to others.

How Do I Make a Virtual Wedding Invitation?

You can choose to have your guests RSVP by providing a link to your wedding website or by sending in a paper RSVP card. You can provide both options and let your guests choose what is more comfortable.

Is the Invitation Written Inbox?

There are two types of invitations: printed cards and letters. Printed cards are generally used for formal occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations. Letters can be used for less formal occasions, such as when you want to invite someone to your housewarming party or the opening of your new business.

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