When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Before you start planning the other aspects of your wedding, you can enjoy being engaged for a bit. One question that often comes up early in the planning process is, “When should I book my venue?” There are advantages and disadvantages to booking your venue well in advance or booking it closer to your wedding day. Both choices will be discussed in this blog post, and some additional factors to consider when booking your location.

Booking a Wedding Venue

When you are planning for your wedding, book the wedding venue first. That way, you know when your wedding is happening and can start booking other people to do photography or flowers.

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding. You should book the place for your ceremony and reception at least a year in advance, if not more.

To have enough time to research, look at venues two months before the wedding. This way, you will know your favorite and can make a decision.

How Early Is Too Early to Book a Wedding Venue? 

If you’re getting married, you may want to start planning right away. Your wedding venue is the first thing you should book when planning your wedding, other than if you’re going to use a professional planner.

You can’t book your wedding venue too early. But 3 years in advance is too early unless the venue is very popular to get into.

Think about your larger wedding timeline before you start looking for a venue when you have the ring.

How long do you want your engagement to last? How much time will you need to plan your wedding? When and where would you like to marry?

Once you know the date of your wedding, start looking for venues as early as two years before. However, usually, people book their venue around a year before their wedding.

You should start researching the venues early to see all of your options. Before going in person, it will be easy to figure out what you like and don’t like online.

Why Book Your Wedding Venue Early?

Reserve your wedding venue at least nine months before your wedding day. This will give you enough time to plan for other things, like a photographer or caterer.

By reserving your wedding venue early, you can start planning the theme and tone of your wedding. If you have an outdoor wedding, then it will be more rustic. It will be more formal if you have a reception in a banquet hall.

Search for places to have the wedding well in advance for a more unusual wedding. This will help you find a good place to have it.

Are you going to get married? In this case, it’s important to book a venue in advance. This is because venues tend to fill up more quickly for dates during the summer or early fall.

When it is warm, people get married. The wedding season is in June, September, and October. If you’re getting married around this time of year, aim to book your wedding venue before the wedding date’s year.

You can book a venue too early. It is good, but not always. If your dream venue is in high demand, you can book it two or three years in advance. But if it is not popular enough, you don’t need to do that.

It doesn’t hurt to book early if you have your heart set on a specific wedding venue. It allows you to choose from more dates. If you wait too long, you may not get the best day for you.

Why Wait to Book?

If you’re going to have a big wedding, you should book your wedding venue as soon as possible. But if your wedding is a long way away, you don’t need to rush into planning something. Before you start planning the other aspects of your wedding, you can enjoy being engaged for a bit.

It’s up to you how long you want to wait for the wedding. Some people get engaged and then wait a while so they can save money for their big day.

Don’t wait too long before your wedding day. You should do it in about 9 months or so. Take your time researching the date and where you want to get married. You should ask the people at the venue if they have any questions for you before booking it.

Frequently Asked Question About When to Book Your Wedding Venue

How Far in Advance Should You Reserve a Wedding Venue?

Generally, you should start looking at wedding reception sites about one year before your date. That means that you will need to start researching and touring a few months before that.

How Long Before an Event Should You Book a Venue?

If you want to take over the entire venue, you should book at least five to six weeks in advance. You might need more than that if your space is big.

When Should You Start Booking Things for a Wedding?

To get married on a Saturday night in a prime month—May, June, September, October— you’ll need to book 12-18 months in advance. If you want a quieter season or take Friday or Sunday instead, you’ll need to book 8-12 months.

Can You Book a Wedding 3 Years in Advance?

You should plan to talk to the person who does wedding ceremonies about nine or 12 months before your wedding. Some places that do weddings have a long list of people wanting them, and folks put their names on the list before they get married.

How Far in Advance Should Save the Dates Go Out?

Send out save-the-date cards six to eight months before your wedding. Then send out invitations eight weeks before your wedding.

Is 6 Months Enough Time to Plan a Wedding?

The average couple spends 13 months planning their wedding. However, many couples want to get married much sooner than that. 19% of couples plan their weddings in 6 months or less. With this timeline, you can figure out how to plan your wedding in 6 months! Interestingly, there are some couples who plan their wedding in 3 months only!

Do You Pick a Wedding Date or Venue First?

Some couples want to get married on a particular day. They find the best place for that day. Other couples want to get married, but they don’t know when to get married. They look at the places first and then pick a date when they find their favorite place.

Are 2 Years Too Long to Plan a Wedding?

It is good to plan a wedding at least two years away. The most common time for weddings is one year, but you can have it sooner if you want. But before hiring your wedding planner, save up the money you need and sign contracts with the vendors. You should also know who pays for what at your wedding to make sure everything is clear.

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